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The Policy Database represents SUMC's best efforts to keep up with current policy in the shared mobility sector. Help SUMC track the latest in this dynamic field. SUMC is interested in polices, transportation & land use plans, RFPs and other innovations related to public transit and shared mobility.

That's where you can help. Did your city just pass a new policy that you think others could benefit from? Click Submit a policy or plan and send it our way. Are you a researcher or expert who is interested in writing about new policies and best practices in shared mobility? Click Submit an analysis and we'll be in touch. Also, remember that you'll need to register before submitting.

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The Shared Mobility Policy Database is a comprehensive collection of policies from across North America about bikesharing, carsharing, ridesourcing, and all other forms of shared mobility. Analysis is provided by the Shared-Use Mobility Center.

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Help SUMC keep up with current policy in the shared mobility sector by submitting a policy, plan, or analysis, or donate to help fund the maintenance of the Shared Mobility Toolkit and support our ongoing work to expand the benefits of shared mobility for all.

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